About Cassie

Veda is the sanskrit word for “knowledge”. It also happens to be my boxers name! I am a seeker, a constant learner. I have a degree in theology and social science. 7 years ago I was introduced to yoga and fell head over heels for the practice. I completed my 200 hour teacher certification with plans to complete the 500 hour certification. Yoga led me to a strong meditation practice and  gave me a deep understanding of energy work. I have always laid hands on people, it’s my natural inclination. Reiki presented itself to me in a magical way and I dove in! Learning about this hands on energy and relaxation modality has been life changing. Reiki is beautiful, replacing lost energy and instilling balance and promoting the bodies natural ability to heal. I received my Holy Fire Master Placement and plan to continue on as both a practitioner and educator.

I am a Mama to 3 adventurous boys and have been married for 10 years. I love my pups and kid crew and spend all of my free time with them. I enjoy being outside and barefoot as much as possible. Camping and being near the elements is important to me. I’m a night owl and a coffee drinker because of it! I’m manifesting a wonderful career with Theta and aligning with wonderful souls through their Reiki journey. I already love you, though we haven’t met. Take care, be present. I look forward to our meeting in person!

*Please note that I am a reiki practitioner only, I do not offer massage therapy services.