About Noreen

Hi!  My human says you should consider getting yourself a rescue dog! I came from the Missouri Valley Boxer Rescue where this wonderful woman named Lee knew I would fit perfectly here. I’m currently in charge of security for theta, patrolling the studio windows and greeting new clients. I like to run, snuggle and sleep with my tongue out of my mouth. IMG_0452

5564faaf5fac8.imageDid I mention I really like to run? I’ve trained for two full marathons now, including the 20 mile runs. My human seems to think those days are tough, but I carry her water and her keys in my backpack and try and encourage her to keep up with me. The Friday morning running group calls me “The Pace Pusher”. So far I haven’t found a marathon that will let me enter, but I’m still hopeful one day I will have my own race bib to put on the wall at the studio. I turned five this year and accept birthday presents all year round.