Massage Services

As seasoned therapists we combine our years of experience and continued education to create a massage tailored to your specific needs.  We truly enjoy our work and it shows during our sessions.omaha massage therapy, omaha prenatal massage, omaha sports massage, omaha bodywork

Some of our specialties are:


Combining our massage skills with our knowledge of birth and women’s bodies is where we truly excel! With over 14 years of  experience and attendance at over 120 births we know the discomforts that can accompany some pregnancies and how to relieve them. Your prenatal session can be performed side lying with a plethora of pillows so you feel amazing or we have a special massage table with a cutout for the expanding tummy allowing you to lay face down. It can also be a combination of both. Our experience working with pregnant moms has made us very flexible and fluid in our sessions.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great way for us to showcase a blend of our skills for your needs! We combine trigger point work with deep tissue some days, myofascial release with swedish other days. Our marathon running and years of experience gives us an appreciation for knowing when in your training deep work is appropriate and when a relaxing swedish is in order. We have experience working on distance runners, triathletes, ultra runners, Ironman competitors and even professional football players.


Not to be confused with just a “basic” massage, swedish is truly a chance to check out of life for an hour or so and enjoy. Our stress relieving swedish is combined with our advanced training techniques and the pressure used can be adjusted for your comfort.


22JGESnfZM3FH9HlBWnxmQydw6tjdEzwZ3SqzzfH-ZENot sure which type of massage you need?

It’s okay! We can help determine a plan of treatment on the day of your session. Our appointments are booked in time increments rather than by type of session, meaning we can be flexible and fluid based on what is occurring for you in the moment. We will sit down with you and discuss our therapy plan right before your appointment starts.