Ease Your Heart Out

We start with an aromatherapy facial steam to wash the stress of the day off and bring your full attention to your healing. Each session can be customized to your needs or you can keep your intention to yourself and let us follow your bodies cues. We will work on areas of vulnerability that tend to hold onto trauma and pain. This can include working trigger points in your neck, pecs, upper back and shoulders. All the muscles that help you lift your chin and ease your heart out to the world. Typically abdominal work is done on the digestive tract to calm nervous tummies and a diaphragm release to allow you breathe even deeper, releasing old energy and bringing in cleansing breath cycles. Psoas releases will help you take steps forward, leaving the past behind if you have felt stuck. Coupled with chakra clearing and balancing and calming energy work and the use of charged stones. Our goal is to help you clear your busy mind, intuitively find your path to healing, and ease your heart back into the world. We want to gently hold space for you as you seek answers inward.

*A 60 minute session will take place face up on the table. If you want more bodywork on the posterior muscles as well, book the 90 minute option. Dusti Bosworth is our only therapist offering this lovely service, be sure and search for her when looking for availability.