Reiki is a hands on spiritual and vibrational healing modality. The most basic translation is “universal life energy”. The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words – Rei and Ki. Rei is a subtle wisdom, permeating everything. Ki is the non-physical energy, animating all living things. Ki flows inside of everything that is alive including plants, animals and humans. We will feel strong, confident, and capable when our Ki is high; ready to enjoy life and take on the journey. When it’s low, we will feel weak and are actually more likely to become sick. Reiki is used to promote balance in the entire body allowing for an environment of emotional and physical healing. It works with the subtle energy field, known as the aura, our life force energy (ki), and the life force energy wheels called chakras.


The first session usually brings improvement, awareness of self and a sense of calm. The longterm benefits grow with repeated sessions.

Reiki treatments are usually facilitated by giving light touch to a clothed recipient over a series of hand positions on the chakra energy fields. When someone receives Reiki they often express a sense of peace and connection to their own innate spirituality. Some people practice and/or receive Reiki to strengthen their wellness. Others use Reiki to help them cope with physical and mental symptoms, such as pain and fatigue. As well as supporting their medical care and even in the case of chronic illness or end-of-life care.

Reiki is pure and loving, it cannot hurt in any way. Because it is an all knowing life force it knows where to work in the recipients body as it flows. A Reiki practice promotes balancing at every level. Naturally, it helps anyone who receives a session. If you are exhausted, you’ll feel refreshed. Anxiety can lessen, leaving a person feeling more serene. Distress may find feelings of comfort. Renewing clarity and purpose in place of the distress. These are subjective changes; Reiki also comes with physical changes associated with deep relaxation, like a slower heart rate and ease when breathing. Creating an environment that is more optimal for healing physically and emotionally.


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