Theta is one of the four stages of brain wave activity. Here are some very,very basic facts about our brain waves:

Beta – 14-28 cycles per second. You are actively awake here, engaged in an activity.

Alpha- 7-14 cycles per second. We are relaxed here, sometimes daydreaming.

Theta- 4-7 cycles per second. This is that lovely spot between being awake and asleep. We achieve theta during deep meditation and it is thought to be the bridge to the subconscious.

Delta- 0-4 cycles per second. We are deeply sleeping here.

I first started learning about theta brainwaves when I was teaching hypnosis for childbirth. When women are using hypnosis, they are in the theta state. We can also reach the theta state during massage and meditation. Theta gives us access to the subconscious where I believe deep healing can occur. Join us on our journey to lead you to theta!

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